Enjoy Verona – the Legend Lives

Verona – world famous as the place where Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare's love story swore each other eternal love. Today, this Italian town situated not far from Venice, is a popular tourist destination.

Juliet´s house on via Capello is alleged place where the famous balcony love scene took place, and is the object of pilgrimage of millions of people.
The real pearl in Verona is however the Arena, the most prominent Roman site in town. This enormous elliptical amphitheatre comes to life again during the annually Opera season. Most of the historical sights, other than Roman, date from the past 800 years, among them many Medieval and early Renaissance churches; the most prominent is perhaps Basilica of St Zeno that was a centre of European pilgrimage for centuries.
About Verona's military importance witnesses fortifications and castle Castell San Pietro.

Thing to Do
Shopping, climbing the tower for the spectacular view over Verona, a wine tour in Soave and Valpolicella, or visiting Giusti renaissance garden are some of the things to do after seeing the statue of Juliet in the courtyard outside her balcony. After that there is only one thing left to do:  airplane flying over the town and enjoying a completely different perspective over the town. Further out of the town you have Lake Garda, definitively worth a one day trip.

Getting here / getting around
The closest airport – only 12 km away - is Catullo Airport. Low-cost airlines fly to Verona Brescia, 50 km west of Verona. Naturally, one can take plane to Venice too. A car trip from there is easy: just take A4 towards Padova.

Trains arrive to Verona from Venice, Milano, Bologna or Munich, Germany.

Time zone: UTC (GMT)+1. Daytime saving time (DST) is observed.

Currency: Euro (EUR, €).

Climate: Humid subtropical climate. Hot summers; cold, dump winters.



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